Elopements and Tiny Weddings

To Elope used to mean 'to run away and secretly get married,' but the meaning today is more 'small destination wedding' or running away from the traditional normal wedding and getting married the way you want to!

There's something special about the spontaneity, romance, and excitement that comes with deciding to 'elope'. Whether it is just the two of you or a few of your very favorite people, eloping is romantic, intimate, and personal! The day is more about you and less about the guests, the venue, the budget, etc.  And the best part? You don't have to sacrifice romance and tradition to make it happen. 

At Lavender Owl Farm, elopement options include intimate and picturesque gardens or wooded settings for your private ceremony and additional services for a little more celebrating if you invite a few extra guests.

Private Ceremonies

Instantly reserve an available date and time for just the two of you - $250

Ceremony with Guests

Up to 10 of your favorite people!


Inclusive Tiny Weddings

For up to 20 Guests and four hours

from $2995