Frequently Asked Questions

Just to answer a few of the first questions that often come up! See our Wedding Venue Service Agreement for complete details. If you have other questions, feel free to send them over or schedule a complimentary consultation. 

HOW DO I ARRANGE A VISIT? You can arrange to visit the property by using the online calendar to find a convenient time. We recommend that to gain the best experience and gather correct information about the property, first visits should be limited to adults only.

DO YOU PROVIDE A COORDINATOR? For groups over fifty guests, a day-of coordinator is required to help manage the details of your day from setup to clean up. We include Day-of Coordination with some of our packages to keep your life simple. If you are already working with your own coordinator or wedding planner, we can incorporate their services in with ours.

For elopements and tiny weddings, a venue manager/coordinator is included to assist with your basic needs at the venue, your vendor communication, and set up help with your ceremony and other small details. You are welcome to bring your own assistant or coordinator to help with other personal details, such as decorating, setup, and cleaning up of your personal décor and supplies.

ARE THERE DRESSING ROOMS? Yes, we have two dressing rooms available for each side of the wedding party if needed. The rooms are available from the start of your contracted event until after the ceremony. If you need additional getting-ready time for full hair and makeup, they can be added to your packages by the hour. They can also be booked for overnight stays. each room sleeps two.

DO YOU HAVE PREFERRED VENDORS? Yes! But you are not limited to our list. You can check out some of our favorites here.

WHEN CAN WE START TO SET UP? At the start of your contracted time!

WHAT ARE OUR ALLOWABLE HOURS? You may not enter the property until your contracted time and not before 10:00 am. All events must end by 11:00 (10:00 PM for amplified music)

DO YOU PROVIDE CATERING? We do not but we have some wonderful recommendations and a couple of preferred companies who partner with us for special packages.

CAN WE CHOOSE OUR OWN CATERING COMPANY? You may, but we do recommend the preferred catering companies we love and trust. Ask us for a list. If you have a vendor in mind that is not on our list let us know. We like to vet our vendors and make sure they are suitable for you and our venue.

CAN WE BRING IN OUR OWN FOOD? For health and safety, we do not allow potluck-style events, except for the BYO lunches after a small ceremony for less than fifteen guests. Delivery from a licensed restaurant will be considered but you must hire servers to set up and clean up. Catering comes with pack-it-in, pack-it-out rules. We do prefer you not use disposable tableware. Any and all trash and food waste must be removed by you or your catering company.

WHAT RENTALS MIGHT I NEED? We provide farm tables, picnic tables, benches, and folding wooden chairs. We can arrange for the rental of extra and alternative seating such as alternative dining tables if preferred, couches, cocktail tables, etc. as needed or you are welcome to bring in your own. We do have a selection of antique, rustic, and homemade furniture for displays, cakes, gifts, etc.

CAN I BRING ALCOHOL?  We do not allow BYO alcohol for insurance and liability reasons. We do offer in-house Bar and Beverage options of on-tap local beers and cider, local wines, seltzers, and soft drinks. Iced Tea, Lemonade, and water service is always available from guest arrival through the end of the night. 


We can divide your payments by 2, 4, or 6 installments depending on how far out your date is, with a minimum of $500 as the first payment.

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CAN WE BRING OUR PETS? We understand that couples like to include their pets in their life events, but personalities, behavior, and other attributes of the animal have to be considered. We allow the pets belonging to the couple, on a leash, for the photos and ceremony only. The pets need to have a handler at all times and we recommend (for their comfort and that of the guests) that they are taken home or to a sitter after the ceremony. Pets are not allowed inside any building.

WHAT ABOUT A SERVICE ANIMAL? Only those dogs who work or perform tasks for a disabled person are permitted. Dogs are the only animals that can be recognized as service animals under the ADA. Under Oregon State Law, service animals in training are also protected.  Pets and other animals, trained or untrained, whose sole function is to provide comfort, companionship, or emotional support, do not qualify as service animals under the law and are not permitted. Any dog who shows aggressive behavior or continuously barks will be asked to leave the premises as this breaks the definition of a trained service animal and disrupts the flow of an otherwise joyous occasion! 

WHAT ABOUT CHILDREN? Like pets, children also get excited and anxious about new places and wide open spaces. For their safety and our liability, children under the age of 12 must be supervised by a parent or babysitter at all times. We are not responsible for any injury resulting from children playing around the property without adult supervision. Lawn games and other age-appropriate activities are recommended and we have plenty of open spaces for supervised play.

GRATUITY? While we never expect it, it is nice when some of our staff are rewarded for above and beyond service. Catering normally always adds service charges and other vendors each have their suggestions. What is appreciated more and more across the industry, are great online reviews and referrals!

ARE THERE RESTROOMS? Yes, we have two restrooms inside and a portable unit in the parking area.

IS THERE PARKING? There is plenty of parking, loading zones, and ADA parking on request.

ACCOMMODATIONS FOR OUT-OF-TOWN GUESTS? We can accommodate RV parking and tent camping. There are also many hotels in our two closest cities; Woodburn, and Oregon City as well as several nearby AirBnBs. 

TRANSPORTATION? - Unless you preplan, Uber and Lift is tricky in this area, but there are some taxi services such as Gometro and Radiocab -

LIABILITY INSURANCE? You are required to provide a certificate of liability insurance with liquor liability. Those are easy to obtain online and we recommend The Event Helper which has all our information ready for you.

WHAT IS THE BEST TIME OF YEAR THERE? We are open for outdoor weddings from mid-May through early October. Indoors on limited winter dates.

SPRING - Spring is best for early afternoon small garden parties in the warm sun. Flowers are starting to be plentiful and the trees are full and lush. We have our indoor space for those late spring rains or chilly evenings.

SUMMER - Flowers, including lavender, are at their best. Daytime weddings and garden parties are best early in the season. The warmer month of August is great for early ceremonies and an afternoon garden party. The hottest time of day is 4:00 pm with sunset nearing 9:30 at, a perfect time for a later ceremony and great sunsets.

FALL - Fall colors are in their glory from mid-September! There are so many colors and textures ideal for creative photos. The weather can be beautiful with sprinkles of rain here and there. Early afternoon through sunsets 'golden hour' at about 6:30 is best for photos.

WINTER - For those Holiday Inspired Weddings, we open a few dates November through February. ...see more