Simple Weddings & Intimate Ceremonies in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon

Garden Weddings

Keeping Things Simple

Weddings do not have to be stressful, large, and overly complicated. They do not need to be like everyone else's, and they certainly do not have to break the bank! They just need to be enjoyed! Getting married is the easy part. Planning the wedding... yikes!!! It sometimes makes you want to reconsider! There are no rules that must be followed for a perfect wedding day, just a few traditions and old customs that can make it special. Let's make some new traditions!

Keeping Things Memorable

How do you want your wedding to be remembered? You, and your guests, will remember just a few elements of the day. The happy couple, the beautiful clothes, some delicious food, maybe the great music or how their day made them feel! When we spend too much time trying to remember everything, we tend to forget the small special things and moments. What do you want to remember about your day?

Keeping Things Personal

Weddings are very personal to us and our goal is to make them personal for you too! Our property offers the perfect environment for a private garden wedding in a relaxed and casual setting. Surrounded by mature trees and seasonal flowers, the park-like surroundings include open fields of summer wild grasses and flowers with woods of mature Oak, Maples, Aspen, and many all-season evergreens, creating intimate groves and covered trails for special photo moments and private walks that all your guests can enjoy.

Packages &Prices

Keeping Things Affordable

We can keep the cost of a wedding simple too by including many items and services you might normally have to find, purchase or rent such as seasonal floral, and small décor accessories, tables, chairs, and display areas for your gifts, welcome items, and guest book.

Whether you want to 'Keep It Small', or 'Keep It All', packages start at $500 for an intimate elopement or tiny wedding, or, by adding a few of our many options to all your own ideas, we can help create a full-day, fully coordinated party for up to 75 of your favorite people!

Enjoy the Experience

Keeping it Simple doesn't mean it has to be plain and boring either. We like to think that we are not just a 'venue'! We hope we are more of an 'experience'. We want you to feel at home in our garden and comfortable in the knowledge that all you need to do is relax and enjoy your day. Our family and staff, who share their love for weddings and celebrations, along with many years of wedding experiences, will help you navigate the planning process, and help guide your choices for vendors and services that work for you, for your budget, and for your guests.

The elements of a wedding that are forgotten and thrown away are kept to a minimum while we encourage the more meaningful moments of your day: How happy you looked, how relaxed you felt, and how your guests enjoyed the day celebrating with you.

Popular Suggestions

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo da Vinci

Keeping it Simple is our goal here but that doesn’t mean you have to! Our suggested ideas are a great place to start and formulated so you can add services or provide your own as the budget allows. We can help guide you through the process of gathering your dreams and ideas of what you want, what you need, and what we can help you with. Choosing your date and venue is the first step in that process. – Prices and packages are subject to change based on services requested and availability

Keep It Simple
from $4500

A great place to start. Our most popular option combines a little DIY along with a little extra help from us allowing plenty of time to celebrate and visit with up to 50 of your favorite people

What We Include

      • 10 hours on the property

      • Venue Manager / Basic Coordination

      • Dressing rooms

      • Ceremony Gazebo

      • Décor Accessories

      • Tables, chairs, patio seating

      • Beverage service (alcohol extra)

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Keep It All
from $5775

This coordinated package is great when you just need someone to do it all for you! Our all-day option gives you plenty of time to get ready, decorate, take lots of photos, extend your party, celebrate and visit with up to 75 of your favorite people

What We Include

  • 12 hours on the property

  • Venue Manager

  • Day Of Coordinator

  • One-hour rehearsal

  • Overnight stay

  • Dressing rooms

  • Ceremony Gazebo

  • Décor Accessories

  • Tables, chairs, patio seating

  • Beverage service (alcohol extra)

Custom Estimate - With just a few questions we can calculate a package specific to your needs and budget. Ask Here

Ceremonies and Tiny Weddings - from $500

If you are looking for something smaller and more intimate, check out our tiny wedding options

If you would like some more information or ask some questions, send us a message.