Ceremony Services

"It is such a happiness when good people get together—and they always do." - Jane Austin

The License

In Oregon, you are required to apply for a marriage license within 60 days before your wedding by going to your County Clerks Office. You can apply in any Oregon County and be married in any Oregon County. The completed license must be filed back to that county within 5 days of your ceremony. 

Your Officiant

Anyone can become ordained to perform a wedding in Oregon, but consider that not everyone can 'perform' a wedding! Having someone you know do the honors is very personal and sometimes a lot of fun, but we have seen some well-intentioned friends and relatives, doing this for the very first time and not wanting to disappoint, get a little nervous at the last minute. Not everyone has experience with writing and performing meaningful ceremonies, coordinating a wedding party, and ensuring the license is completed accurately and filed in a timely manner. If you are inviting someone to perform your wedding who has not done this before, we will be happy to give some guidance. If you are asking a professional, we will work with them to coordinate your wedding party. 

Our Officiants

Not everyone knows what to expect from an officiant, where to start, or what questions to ask, so I usually start with a little about our style here at Lavender Owl Farm.

We have many years of experience and our ceremonies are casual, meaningful, a little amusing, or downright funny! We engage your guests and help keep you at ease, so if a little laughter helps you relax and enjoy the moment, then that is what we do! There are no rules, it doesn't have to be scary, and there is no wrong way to do or say anything! If you need to cry or blow your nose, adjust your clothes, or watch for the 3-year-old flower girl/ring barer to finish showing off, we will wait! 

Getting Personal 

Getting to know you, how you met, and what you like to do together helps to create a more personal ceremony. If you have pets, kids, or other funny or romantic stories about each other, we can incorporate those to create a ceremony just for you.  A mention of a pet peeve, a romantic gesture, or an annoying or funny habit makes everything more special and helps keep you relaxed during the whole show! And we hopefully get to entertain your guests! 

During your planning, we will send a questionnaire to learn what kind of ceremony suits your personality, ideals, and style and send you some ideas on the types of ceremonies we perform. 

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A Typical Ceremony

A few samples of our pre-written and custom ceremonies are:

A Few Tips

When planning your ceremony, consider your guests. Make it fun and meaningful for them, and make sure they can hear everything. If you have more than about 15 guests, a microphone and speaker are important, or a good DJ! Make your ceremony interactive for the guests, or just family members. There are several ways to incorporate them into the ceremony with Special Elements.

Add Special Elements to any Ceremony 

Costs and Details

Our professional officiants will write and coordinate your ceremony and wedding party from processional to recessional, attend the rehearsal, and complete and file your legal paperwork.